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Terry Mantz, owner, is a former agent for one of the largest insurers in the country.




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Changing the way people shop for insurance!

life is hard enough, let us find the best options to protect you and your family


As you and your family grow and change, so do your insurance needs. Insurapy will help you find the right coverage to protect you and your family.

Focus on your business, let us find the best options to protect it

You work hard to make your business a success. Insurapy will help you find the right coverage to protect your assets.

One call gets you quotes from multiple agents.  It's that easy.

Other sites claim you can get multiple quotes online.  However, what you will get is up to 8 or more phone calls from various agents!

You can also call various agents and spend time answering the same set of questions over and over again with each agent.

Or, there's Insurapy.  With Insurapy, you talk with someone licensed in your state to make sure you understand the limits, coverage and policy options available.  We then gather the required information and get quotes, on your behalf, from various agents in our network.

So, you have a choice.  Answer the questions one time and get multiple quotes, or spend lots of time on the phone doing it yourself!

The choice is easy, contact us today!

Comparing insurance rates has never been easier!

Comparing insurance rates can be so frustrating. 

INSURAPY has changed that! 


Insurapy can help with any type of insurance.  You name it, we will do our best to find options for you!


Virginia only at this time.

Sorry, there are laws we must follow in each state and we had to start somewhere.  Let us know, and we will add you to the list to contact once we add your state.